February 20, 2017

Couple of quick thoughts..

- Dirty Dancing is The Warriors of chick flicks.

- A fart that can actually knock a buzzard off a shitwagon is something to be proud of and should be shared by all.

- My wife and I often laugh hard during sex, which is good and bad but mostly good.

- My favorite thing to say to people as they enter our home for the first time is, "Hope you don't like those shoes 'cause we got three ferrets!"

It's funny to watch handsomely-paid, DNC courtiers create another ridiculous narrative on the infotainment channels, this time about somehow invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the sitting president, calling his mental health into question.

Come on, he's not crazy. He's just an asshole. He's always been an asshole. He's a megalomaniac real-estate crook with white supremacist tendencies who's spent the last four decades of his life running his businesses like a third world dictator, flouting the law, destroying anybody who gets in his way, saying any dumb shit that pops into his head, making decisions from emotional triggers, and acting like every other loud-mouthed, self-made millionaire douchebag from Queens with a limited education and a commercial TV attention span.

He is the archetype of the American jackass, the guy who makes you ASHAMED to be an American when you're on vacation, you know, when you're having an espresso at a tiny table in front of a cool little patisserie on a quiet street in Paris and some fat, stupid lummox in Hawaiian shorts and a "Who Farted?" t-shirt lumbers around the corner rustling a giant, crackly map of the city saying, "I'm telling' ya, there's a friggin' Burger King right around here somewhere!"

This guy IS America - a temperamental, melodramatic, self-absorbed simpleton whose every action is knee-jerk; a snatch-grabbin' fat-head so easily manipulated by almost anybody that he can be wounded with a random tweet and forced to cry out at three in the morning for electronic validation from a few million other thumb-scrolling, pud-pulling numbnuts.

But none of this makes him unfit for the presidency. Are you kidding me? Who represents the average American imbecile better than this fucking moron?

And he's the perfect fool to bring down The Empire, which makes his unlikely rise to power suspicious. But..what we're about to see is..predictable and horrifying: some small coterie of cunts at Raytheon or General Dynamics stage another nasty little false flag operation like 911, creating evidence that points to Iran or China, and this jabbering monkey follows Pentagon and arms industry CEO advice, launching an all out war that bankrupts the economy, finalizes the crash of the dollar, and brings this whole American experiment to an entirely avoidable but nonetheless disastrous conclusion in less than a year.

Even an Anarchist Party punk like me would have abandoned his third party preferences to vote for a President Bernie Sanders had that opportunity been available. But the DNC made sure that was never going to happen, killing the only chance to move America back toward the left, toward labor, toward the working man and woman, toward the empowerment of the citizenry, toward the democratic principles that formed the foundations of this republic. And he would have won too.

Instead we got this ignoramus.

So now the new DNC plan is to use CNN and MSNBC as a propaganda machine for creating a contrived narrative to invoke the 25th Amendment so that we can have a President Pence? That's the best plan you kneeling corporate whores can come up with?

Fuck You.

And again, Fuck You.

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